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PCB manufacturing

We manufacture Single and Double Side PCB 

in a wide variety of finishes to suit variety of customer specific applications

Laminate Options
  • FR4 Laminate - A high Quality laminate having excellent properties of flame resistance and moisture resistance suitable for wide range of Single side and Double Side PCB applications

  • MCPCB Laminate - A High Quality Laminate composed of layers of Aluminium, Dielectric and Copper Tracks suitable for LED Lighting and High power Electronic Devices

  • CEM Laminate - A high quality of laminate suitable for Single side PCB's

Final Finish Options
  • Solder Tin (Hal) - Most common finish for PCB's. PCB is coated with a layer of Molten Tin to give it Protection from the environment and ease of Soldering

  • Nickel Finish - Electroless Nickel plating done on PCB. Suitable for Wire bonding and Reflow Soldering assembly

  • ENIG Finish - Electroless Nickel Gold Finish done on PCB. Suitable for Wire bonding and High end PCB's

  • Flash Gold Finish - Nickel Plated PCB with Flash Gold Finish.

  • OSP - Organic Solder-ability Preservative Finish. Suitable For Re-flow Soldering Applications

Other Options
  • Routed Pcb's - Pcbs Singulated by CNC routing for Most Efficient Pick and place assenbly

  • V grooved PCB's - V grooving done on PCB's For Most Effecient Pick and Place assembly

  • High copper Thickness

  • Customer specific options as per customer requirements

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